How is Skyward Sword? I like the style of it, but I've come to realize I don't have the patience for Zelda. Especially the beginnings when I don't have all the tools to play with.

I’m only at the second dungeon boss (and died, cause I was too lazy to go all the way back to the bazaar and get some health potions…) but I like it so far! It’s a lot of fun despite it taking me quite a while to get used to the motion controls. But there’s something lacking that I can’t really put my finger on?? This…thrill I usually get when I first play a Zelda game. I kid you not, from A Link to the Past to Twilight Princess, I would get goosebumps and lean way too close to the screen and just be enamored when I first played them! (My most vivid childhood memories are almost completely Zelda related, I remember making up songs about the chickens in A Link to the Past, hahahah) Maybe it’s because I’m a jaded old lady now but I haven’t quite felt that! Maybe it’ll come, I don’t know.

On a design standpoint though I LOVE IT. It combines the good visual aspects of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess and it’s gorgeous. The characters are all really interestingly designed and have strong silhouettes and I think the most successful part of this game is that they really hit the mark in establishing a strong bond between Link and Zelda in the game’s opening hours! It makes for a much stronger emotional connection to the game I think.

Oh wow I am having a lot of Zelda Feelings now afskldjfhakj I’ll be in that corner crying.

(Oh man but I love fighting my way to get to the awesome weapons later in the games! Like… I’ll glare at that platform that’s too far to jump on with the chest and be like "Yeah when I get the hookshot you’re going down muthafucka")

Zelda Feelings the novel 2012

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