I’m a graduate now, and since my job was an on-campus job, I’m out of a job as well. I’m opening up commissions to hold me over while I look for a part-time job to hold me over while I look for a full-time job.

If you are thinking of commissioning me, please read the terms here.

ALSO please be aware that the prices for the traditional-media commissions do not include shipping and handling costs. So if you want a traditional commission and would like the piece mailed to you, let me know beforehand so we can negotiate shipping costs.

After that, if you’re still interested, email me at Hannah @ HannahLeeStockdale.com (this is also the email for my Paypal) and we can go from there!

Thank you so much for helping me out! Even a reblog/signal boost helps!

Dang, one of my favourite artists is offering up commissions!

It’s-Not-Quite-Morning-Anymore-But-I-Just-Woke-Up Reblog!

(also thank you Dale *3*)

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    ugh i just spent all my money i want gouche on wood
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    Amazing prices and various mediums! You guys gotta get in on this. Hannah is one of The Most Talented People.
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